Delivering the authentic taste of nature

Consumers love the taste of nature. While a broad variety of aspects contribute to a natural product perception, consumer expectations on what “natural” means to them can differ from region to region. To deliver against these expectations, with code of nature® , we combine all facets of our expertise for you: Longstanding scientific heritage, deep consumer understanding, sustainable backward integration and regulatory guidance – creating a natural taste design solution exactly tailored to your needs, every time. This is how code of nature® makes a difference.

Nature surrounds us. It delights us, feeds and inspires us with its rich taste and boundless creativity. Consumers love the taste of nature and food and beverage companies cater to it with natural product solutions. Symrise provides customers and consumers with the authentic taste of nature, transparently combining all facets of naturalness. We call it code of nature® .

The consumer's dilemma:
Consumers want authentic food made only with best natural ingredients.
At the same time, nature means variety. It is evolving, changing, weather dependent. code of nature® helps resolve this dilemma.

Four pillars underpinning naturalness

code of nature® forms a framework that pulls together the diverse natural expertise of Symrise.
It goes beyond a mere portfolio of natural products.
It enables a unique code of nature® for customers and delivers customized natural taste solutions.
It connects Symrise‘s long scientific heritage with deep consumer understanding, sustainable backward integration and regulatory consultancy capability. This dedicated approach combines the work of Symrise experts with long-standing certified partners, respecting nature, and using gentle technology and processes to amplify nature.


To generate value for our customers and their consumers, code of nature® draws from four pillars:


Respectfully sourcing from people and places we know and trust


Gentle preparation methods for natural taste


Providing tailored answers to changing consumer needs


Creating delicious natural taste experiences for your consumers

Consumers are going all natural

We have entered a new era of naturalness. It is evolving fast and picking up speed every day. Consumers pay increasing attention to their meal choice and desire a deeper understanding of the products in their shopping basket. Many of them demand their food and beverages to be as natural and pure as possible.

Consumers want to know exactly which ingredients their food consists of and where they come from. They prefer products from farmers who practice sustainable cultivation methods. Animal welfare also plays a decisive role for many of them. Equally, they want their food and beverages to be gently prepared and carefully stored so to safeguard the original taste and keep the nutritional value. If consumers see that something is made with honesty and integrity it truly lives up to their expectations. Naturalness in these many different facets is just as sought after in San Francisco as in Shanghai, Berlin or in Seoul - an absolutely global phenomenon.

Consumers want the ultimate taste experience. And they want this experience to come from real food, made only from pure, natural ingredients.

This creates a dilemma for the consumer. Because nature means variety. It is evolving, changing, adapting, with crops and harvests depending on the weather, soil and so much more. At the same time consumers expect a very specific taste with high impact. Their favorite soup, chocolate or muesli bar should always taste the same.

Naturalness - A game changer for the industry

These rapid changes within the world of naturalness and the aforementioned consumer dilemma pose both huge challenges and opportunities for the food and beverage industry. Companies want to offer consumers products that are recognized as truly natural and they have to adapt to it quickly.
The reason: Local innovators are addressing these needs, pioneering new natural products and are growing fast. Often they lead the way for international players.

Staying on top and remaining relevant will require delivering against the consumer need for “real” food.

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code of nature®:
All about nature

With code of nature®, Symrise provides an answer to these changing consumer needs, to the consumer dilemma and the resulting industry shifts. It presents an overarching concept addressing today’s shoppers´ desire for real, natural food experiences – taking a broad variety of naturalness aspects into account. Consumers are provided with the authentic taste of nature they trust, in natural taste design solutions respecting their wishes.
By combining its multi-faceted expertise, Symrise creates natural taste experiences, sometimes even amplifying the authentic character of the respective food. This is possible because we understand nature in every tiny detail and work within nature. Also, all employees respect and follow a moral code: working without changing or harming nature, leaving it intact. These guiding principles lead the actions of Symrise: Understanding nature and treating it respectfully.
This enables us to deliver unique, authentic taste design solutions in line with consumers‘ understanding of desire for naturalness.

Nature. Technology. People. We thus bring together all facets of naturalness – so that consumers are provided with their desired ultimate taste experience – delivered as the natural, authentic food they seek and enjoy.
So in a nutshell, code of nature® forms the high ground where taste and nature come together – “nature, as pure as it can be” - sustainably sourced, ethically produced and wholesomely prepared natural ingredients. This is the essence of what we do.

Symrise combines its wide expertise into a tailored taste design solution for every customer request – creating a unique signature code, based on the elements of nature.

Discover what code of nature® can do for you.

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