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Symrise is supporting its customers in mastering their challenges related to naturalness in food and beverages. To do so, it uses its unique natural solution platform code of nature™ and combines the best of nature and the best of science. With the four pillars of this holistic approach, Symrise is decoding consumer trends. It connects these insights and regulatory consultancy capabilities with its long-standing scientific heritage to develop natural solutions for taste, nutrition and health that consumers love.

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… that the explicit use of the word ‘natural’ can make a difference in driving preference, especially if linked to the core ingredient (e.g. ‘natural onion extract’ versus ‘onion extract‘)?

…that most consumers accept long ingredient lists as long as they can understand it?

…that for culinary products a familiar and common preparation method (e.g. roasted, cooked and dried) can positively impact the naturalness perception?

The four pillars of code of nature™

The holistic code of nature™ approach harnesses four pillars: acting consumer-driven, using the best naturals and applied science, while offering regulatory guidance.

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Evolving consumer needs — forming a true global movement

Today’s consumers across all countries and categories are getting more health conscious. They want to know what the food they eat contains, how farmers grow it and how it impacts the planet. The growing awareness for trust and traceability in the food chain has resulted in an increased demand for food closest to its natural state. Consumers look for food and drinks with ingredients they know from their kitchens and they feel familiar with. They want the taste of garden-fresh tomatoes or the taste of a lemonade just like freshly squeezed.

In a rapidly changing world consumers look for assurance and transparency.

Especially the COVID-19 global pandemic has amplified this trend even further, bolstering the natural food movement.


Consumers want assurance that producers have minimally processed their food, that it contains natural ingredients and that it will benefit them. They know that their food choices impact their health and they are also getting more and more aware of how their behavior and their choices can influence the environment.

As a result, consumers want products from farmers that care about sustainable agricultural practices. Animal welfare also plays a decisive role for many consumers and, finally, they are looking for healthy and nutritious products delivering great taste experiences and wellbeing.

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Manufacturers need to decode these demands and desires of consumers

These rapid changes within the world of naturalness and the aforementioned consumer needs pose both significant challenges and opportunities for the food and beverage industry. To stay relevant, companies should offer products that consumers recognize and accept as truly natural — and they have to adapt quickly.

By listening to consumers and adapting to their behavior, agile manufacturers can combine innovation and sustainability to make the entire production process better for everyone from start to finish.

Nature means variety. It is evolving, ever changing, hard to predict, with crops and harvest depending on the weather, soil and so much more. At the same time, consumers expect a very specific taste and visual appearance. We consider it key to offer products that reflect the boundless variety of nature and to address the versatile consumer needs and requirements with consistent quality that consumers love.


Did you know...

… that, among the different categories, beverage offers more potential to leverage naturalness as a purchase driver, especially in flavored water, with huge opportunities in China, Japan, Australia and Thailand?

… that, in the Unites States consumers value naturalness the most in the following segments: yogurt (68%), followed by soups/broths (55%) and flavored water (50%)?

… that, in European beverage segment (lemonade, flavored beer and liqueur) words like ‘oil’, ‘powder’ and ‘distillate’ can decrease the perception of naturalness?

… that, in Latin America the taste direction influences the naturalness perception of a product and, that which taste direction people associate with naturalness varies from category to category and can also vary from country to country?

We are helping manufacturers to meet the challenge of changing consumer needs

As one of the founders of the taste industry with nearly 150 years of expertise, Symrise combines technology with respect for nature. This forms the foundation of code of nature™.
With code of nature™, Symrise has created a natural solution platform that unlocks and amplifies the best from nature. A commitment to signature solutions for taste, nutrition and health – made with the best of nature.

The all-encompassing approach connects the market and consumer needs with all facets of Symrise’s long-standing expertise and heritage to develop natural, authentic solutions for sustainable growth.

With code of nature™, Symrise responds to all these challenges. By using natural, sustainably and responsibly sourced ingredients to develop stable solutions Symrise supports its customers in delivering natural products with a consistent great taste and quality consumers are looking for.


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